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Shante Cofield, aka the Movement Maestro, is a physical therapist from the United States.  Shante is now based in California and has built an enormous following on social media with her approach to assessing and treating movement.  Shante is passionate about teaching, and this course will outline her take on treating people – starting from the initial subjective interaction right through the assessment and treatment journey with them. Shante’s energy is infectious and the course promises to be full of knowledge bombs and lots of laughs.  This course will enhance your patient interactions and improve your movement repertoire.

Course Outline:

Day 1

  • Setting the Tone and Getting Buy-in
    • The biopsychosocial model, pain science, and the Queen
  • The Subjective Assessment Maestro-style
    • The body remembers
  • Understanding the Movement Assessment
    • Cortical smudging, developmental patterning, The Maestro’s Domino Theory
  • Implementing the Movement Assessment: From Isolation to Integration
    • Mobility, stability, fascia, and the neurophysiological spectrum

Day 2

  • Different strokes for different folks – why we use the modalities we use
    • Mechanoreceptors, fascia, and the BPS model
  • Treating pain
    • It’s ok to touch your patient!!!!
  • Addressing mobility and stability
    • Regional independence, developmental sequencing, bottom-up patterning, and Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT)
  • Movement progressions and regressions
  • Closing the loop – putting it all together

Course Pre-requisite:

Shante will utilise modalities such as RockTape, RockFloss and RockBlades IASTM tools during the course.  Shante will not have time to go through the basics of these modalities so it will be assumed that attendees are familiar with the theory and basic application of them.  If you wish to attend one of these courses prior to Shante’s course, then please click here for RockTape courses or here for RockBlades courses (also includes introduction to RockFloss concepts).

Cost:  $499 (incl GST)

Attendees Receive:

  1. a copy of the presentation slides
  2. RockTape to take away with you so you can trial the new skills you will acquire
  3. RockFloss to take away with you so you can trial the new skills you will acquire
  4. a certificate on completion


The following associations may recognise members who attend courses within their scope of practice.  

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Podiatry Board of Australia
  • Occupational Therapy Australia
  • Association of Massage Therapists
  • Exercise & Sports Science Australia
  • Osteopathy Australia

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Notice of a cancellation received more than 1 week prior to the course will receive a full refund less a $50 administration fee.  Cancellations in the week prior to the course will not receive a refund as all our costs are incurred by then.