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Kinesiology taping de-mystified.
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Why the interest?

RockTape’s taping protocol is quickly becoming the standard for kinesiology taping in the medical industry. The RockTape courses are Australia’s most popular kinesiology tape courses. In 2015 we conducted in excess of 100 full and half day courses, attended by more than 2,000 people. Why the interest?

Unlike other methods, Rocktape’s taping protocol is based on an ‘open-source’ philosophy; we don’t believe there’s only one right way to tape. In our courses we teach a framework of taping – concepts, not recipes so it’s much easier for attendees to apply clinically to their customer group – ie. lower limb, upper limb, paediatric, geriatric, lymphoedema etc. We welcome applications and techniques that our attendees have developed using their own clinical reasoning. This community based approach to taping integrates concepts from all other methods and provides a framework for the practitioner to determine the best approach for them and their clients.

All courses have a significant practical component which allows an opportunity for the attendees to practice many applications, which is important given the process is quite different to rigid taping techniques. This ensures they feel confident enough to start using Rocktape with their clients when next in the clinic, gym or sports change rooms, and they have many application ideas to draw from.

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You can host your own course!

Some clinics are now choosing to host their own half day or full day Rocktape courses to enable their small group of practitioners to enjoy a small group learning environment and the ability to focus the session to the types of taping that are best suited to their clientele. One such course was recently held in Melbourne’s Patterson Lakes:

“I would like to pass on our appreciation for setting up the workshop within our clinic last weekend as we all gained and immense amount of knowledge out of the course as it was particularly structured to our needs. I have applied a number of the techniques today and can’t wait for patient feedback in regards to this. I also have many more clients in mind to play with the techniques further.”

Louise Harvey – Patterson Allied Health, Patterson Lakes