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RockTape Online Courses

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Did you know that you can now complete a range of RockTape courses from the comfort of your own home?  We have added some new recorded courses to our range of education offerings as we know that learning from home can be convenient and cost-effective!

RockTape Introduction

Our introductory course shows you how to use RockTape for pain, swelling, posture, scar management and pregnancy.

RockTape for Lower Limbs

A recorded version of our half day course. This is ideal for practitioners who mainly treat lower limb conditions.

RockTape Advanced

Supercharge you practice with some new techniques for lower back, knees, shoulders, “tweak taping”, as well as fascial chain taping techniques!


An evidence-informed framework for the use of massage tools in manual therapy. 


Our approach applies a modern, manual therapy and pain science take on the use of “cupping”. A simple and novel stimulus for the nervous system, the RockPods can give you a fantastic new tool to add to your treatment kit.


This course demonstrates the versatility of the floss band. Use them to warm up pre activity, as part of recovery, but also to target areas of tissue restriction. There is a lot more to the Floss Band than meets the eye!

Running Injuries

A RockTape Approach: An introductory course looking at common injuries and some RockTape ways to manage them – including Taping, Blades, Pods, Floss Bands, as well as some exercise ideas for rehab.