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RockSauce Chill

RockSauceChill is a cooling gel containing aloe and arnica. The unique formula provides a soothing cooling effect and can be easily applied using the roll-on applicator.
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Strong chill sensations soothe sore muscles and joints.

The applicator contains 88.7ml of RockSauce Chill and is the perfect size to throw in your sports bag or RockNRoller.

How does RockSauce  Chill differ to RockSauce you may ask?  The original RockSauce has menthol and wintergreen (methyl salicylate) so has a cold and heat response, and the traditional liniment smell from the wintergreen.  The RockSauce Chill has menthol with some aloe and arnica, so it has just a cold sensation without the following heat.  There is also no capsaicin in the RockSauce Chill.

If you want to combine the use of RockTape and RockSauce Chill, then we recommend applying the RockTape first and then applying the RockSauce Chill over the top of the RockTape.  The RockSauce Chill will pass through the RockTape and then provide the cooling sensation.

The best topical to combine with RockTape remains the original RockSauce.