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Do you want to add your logo to the best kinesiology tape in the world?  Of course you do!  By adding your logo to RockTape, your brand will be displayed on hundreds of walking bill-boards which will increase referrals, brand retention and is sure to start a conversation!


Minimum order quantity 2,500 metres, the equivalent of 500 x 5m x 5cm rolls, or 78 x 32m x 5cm rolls, or 250 x 5m x 10cm rolls.  Or you can have a combination of two different sizes.

We will create some designs for your consideration and absorb the upfront cost to set up the printing plate.

The cost of the custom branded RockTape is the same as regular RockTape.

We will deliver your stock as soon as it arrives and we ask for payment over a 6 month period.  There is no use by date for RockTape, so any not used can be kept as stock.

The custom RockTape can have up to 3 colours: base colour of tape, 2 colours in logo. (i.e. black tape with red and white logo).  If you have additional colours in your logo there may be a small additional fee per colour.

The lead time from the when the design is agreed until the stock is produced and shipped to Australia is approximately 12-16 weeks.

If you would like some custom tape designs created for your perusal, please send a copy of what you want on the custom RockTape, i.e. your logo – in a “pdf” or “ai” format logo.

Email for more information.