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Our Equine RockStars


  • Amanda Ross (Eventing)
  • Megan Jones (Eventing)
  • Nicole Bruggerman (Showjumping)
  • Nichole Fitzpatrick (Barrel Racing)
  • Cooper Oborn (Dressage & Eventing)
  • Caitlin Radford
  • Harry Berg (Endurance)
  • Kaysha Cornes (Barrel Racing)
  • Olivia Webb (Barrel Racing)
  • Renee Quinn (Barrel Racing)
  • Mikyla Hogno (Barrel Racing).

For me, every little opportunity counts. It’s about always being an unrestricted participant, never missing a chance, finding new ways to do something better, and living life to the fullest. RockTape isn’t going to make me taller, lose 5kg’s, or turn me into an Olympic triathlete…

However, using RockTape has given me back my upper body strength by helping rehab my tennis elbows, corrected my posture on a horse so I ride more effectively, and allows me to help my horses by correcting their gait when I can’t explain it to them in English! Rocktape is easy, non-invasive, and proven… It’s all about the things that help me stay in the game!

Amanda Ross

Individual competitor at the 3 Day Event at the Sydney 2000 Olympics