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“Text neck” is a new term, coined to describe the symptoms we see as a result of people spending an enormous amount of time in a hunched over position using smartphones, tablets and lap top computers.  Typically these symptoms include neck and shoulder pain, headaches and even referral of pain to the arms.  If you look around you now, you are bound to see someone in this very posture!  Simple biomechanics means that as the head tilt increases, so does the relative weight of the head, putting an enormous load on the spine and also the muscles.

Therapists around Australia are seeing an increase in neck and shoulder problems in younger people.  Previously the complaint of long term desk based workers, children and adolescents are now presenting with significant postural issues from hours of use of tablets and smartphones.

The “Posture Medic” is a simple solution for some of these postural problems.  It is an all-encompassing device that allows the users to wear the device for short periods to retrain their body as to what is good posture, but also allows them to perform some simple stretching exercises of the commonly tight muscles, and strengthening exercises for the muscles that have typically become weak from disuse.  The Posture Medic provides short bursts of postural correction, and has some simple exercises that patients can do in their chair whilst taking the device on and off.  Many patients have commented that they wished they had the Posture Medic years ago!

Improving your posture has many health benefits from improved muscle function, to improved mood and self-esteem.  And wouldn’t we all like to look and feel younger!

Posture Medic comes with a colour booklet outlining the recommended stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as a dosage chart with three different levels of activity that your patients may be starting at.  This makes it super easy for practitioners to prescribe Posture Medic for their patients simply and safely.

Posture Medic is available in five sizes from XS-XL, and two different resistance levels, so there is a Posture Medic suitable for everybody.

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