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Clinics  and clubs use a lot of tape on their customers and players.  We have had a number of businesses and clubs create walking billboards for their brand by placing their logo on the RockTape they use.  The cost of your custom RockTape would not be any more expensive than any other plain RockTape you purchase.

We could even get the invoice processed before 30 June, if you would like the tax deduction this financial year.

We need to place a minimum order quantity of 2,500 metres with the factory and this is the equivalent of either:

  • 78 rolls x 32m x 5cm, OR
  • 39 rolls x 32m x 10cm, OR
  • 500 rolls x 5m x 5cm, OR
  • 250 rolls x 5m x 10cm

You can order a combination of two different sizes.  Most clinics go with something like 80% x 5cm and 20% x 10cm, but that depends on your usage of the two.  The clubs tend to go with 100% of the 5m x 5cm rolls.

We would deliver all of the stock with an invoice and then receive payment over a 6 month period, to reduce the impact on your cash flow.  There is no use by date for RockTape, so any not used can be kept as stock.  The lead time from the when the design is agreed until the stock is produced and shipped to Australia is approximately 8 weeks.   The custom tape can have up to 3 colours, 2 colours in the logo and a background colour.  If you have additional colours in your logo there may be an additional small fee per colour.

If you are interested in proceeding please send a “pdf” or “ai” format file of whatever you want to appear on the tape, i.e. your logo, and we will create some custom designs for your perusal.

Please feel free to contact to discuss this option further.