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A Polish study of 54 children between the ages of 2 and 18 years old demonstrated a significant improvement in their scars over 12 weeks of tape application.  In this study, the authors looked at hypertrophic, keloid and contracture scars in the 54 children, with the majority of the scars having been caused by thermal burns.  The tape was applied for 7 days at a time, with 3-4 days in between applications, over a 12 week period.  The scars were assessed subjectively by a questionnaire as well as the subject and/or their family rating the appearance of the scar.  In addition the elevation of the scar was measured with callipers, and its mobility rated.

The study had some amazing results, with 42 of the patients and families rating 100% satisfaction with the outcomes.  37 of the subjects detected improvement within 3 weeks and 22/54 rated the change in the colour of their scar as “significant”.  Whilst there was no control group in the study and many of the measures were subjective, there is no doubt that the scars improved when viewing the pictures contained in the study.

Karwacinska, J., Kiebzak, W., Stepanek-Finda, B., Kowalski, I.M., Protasiewicz-Faldowska, H., Trybulski, R., & Starczynska, M., (2012).  Effectiveness of kinesio taping on hypertrophic scars, keloids and scar contractures.  Polish Annals of Medicine  19, 50-57.

The first image is of the scar before application and then the second image is after 6 weeks of kinesiology taping

Scar before application

Scar after application