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My daughter Shanelle is 12 and is addicted to ‘Rocktape!’.

Shanelle trains 24 – 26 hours per week at the State Gymnastics Centre in Perth, in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics.  She is a two time Australian All Around Champion and over the past two years has won six gold medals and two silver medals in the apparatus finals at the Australian and New Zealand National Championships.  This year she is in the level ‘Junior International’ and hopes to one day compete at the Commonwealth or Olympic games!

Shanelle has hyper mobility in her ankles, which resulted her regularly twisting and rolling her ankles.  So to allow her to get through her training program Shanelle had to start strapping her ankles for every training session.  The cost and the time taken doing the strapping was driving us, and our physio, mad.  Additionally, there was significant skin irritation from non elastic tape, as a session would often last for up to five hours.

And then we found Rocktape!   We love it!  The Rocktape provides effective support for the whole session and does not irritate the skin.  It is not time consuming to apply.  It has changed our world!  Our physio, Garry Russo at Northbridge Physiotherapy, applies the Rocktape around the foot and straight up the side of the leg to the knee.

Thanks ‘Rocktape’ for changing our lives!

Tanya – Riverton Western Australia