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I travelled to the World Uni Games in China which was an amazing experience. Every venue was pristine (and brand new!) and the City of Shenzhen really put on a show for all who participated in the event. The village was crazy- 12,000 athletes and support staff is a lot of people to push in front of in the dinner queue.

Good and bad news from my end, however. Due to my ongoing back injury, I was unable to continue competition in the Individual Event and on the second day officially withdrew, due to my inability to walk properly and control pain. But, the good news is that I was able to focus on the Team Event where, alongside James (NSW) and Tristan (WA) I received a SilverMedal. As we were expecting a top 5 result, it was amazing to come away with a medal.

Without a doubt the Rocktape that was used on my shoulders, upper back and lower back kept me going through the racing and without it, I wouldn’t have been able to move . The tape was supportive and allowed me to compete, based on the stability I felt the gave me.

Next off for me is to get back to Uni, and start physically preparing for Australian Uni Games in September, Sail Sydney in November,  World Championships in Perth and National Championships in Brisbane (both in December.)

91 Days to the World Championships – it all starts now.