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For those of you who don’t know much about track cycling and about the omnium here is a bit of an insight-

The omnium consists of 6 events run over 2 days. There is a flying lap, points race and elimination race on the first day and then an individual pursuit, scratch race and finally a 500m time trial.

After each race you get points, so if you win you get 1 point, 2nd you get 2 points etc, and the rider who has the lowest points at the end of the 6 events is the winner.

Recently I competed in the National Omnium Championships and walked away with the Gold Medal. It was a grueling two days with Australia’s best girls competing. It was always going to be a hard two days as I train everyday with most of the girls that raced. So we know each others strengths and weaknesses. So it basically came down to who wanted it the most. This was one of many Olympic selection races so it was vital for me to perform well.

I won the flying lap, individual Pursuit and 500 time trial, placed 3rd in the points race, 4th in the elimination and 6th in the Scratch race. I finished on 15 points and won by 5 points to Bella King, 21 and Nettie Edmondson also on 21.

Throughout the 2 days I was wearing Rocktape on my quads. It was great with helping me  recover after each of the races and also during the longer bunch races. It reduced the lactic acid in my legs quite significantly.

Next for me is the rest of the Australian National Championships in Adelaide.

Until next time, happy training.