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I had virtually no training leading up to the Cape to Cape mountain bike ride, but was keen to ensure I could do anything possible to get through the event.  So besides tinkering the bike, my lower back was strapped with ROCKTAPE as per the instructions.  It certainly worked!  I’d had lower back surgery in the past year, and it was quite sore on and off for months leading up to the race, but my back had no discomfort at all, even after the four days of riding!

Two of my brothers and I did get bad cramping of the quadriceps during the race, no doubt from the hill climbing.  However we made sure to strap those muscles before the next days ride.  Even though the soreness remained, the cramps didn’t come back. We all finished the race physically shattered.

The course was demanding and very scenic covering forest trails, beach, pine plantations and vineyards too.  Amazing!  Now having fully recovered I can’t wait for next year to roll on.  Congratulations to all the entrants and the organisers too.