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After a less than perfect lead up program I was relatively relaxed for marathon number 21 and I was looking forward to testing Rocktape over 42km.  I was wearing it on the lateral side of both calf muscles, as this is the area of my legs that I often have issues with.

A flat first half of the marathon is a great way to get into a good rhythm and I managed to achieve my goal of getting through the first 21km in 1 hour and 27 minutes, banking a few minutes for the challenging second half.  The Malcolm Street hill was painful despite trying to run it conservatively.  However, I quickly recovered and was able to make up the lost time on the down hill section in Kings Park.  The climb up through the heart of Kings Park was tough but once out of the park the legs again recovered and I was able to maintain a good rhythm through the undulating sections of West Perth and Subiaco.  The hill after Selby Street was nasty and then once I turned onto Oceanic Drive to face the last hill the legs really started to complain.  However, it was the quads and hammies that tightened and the calves, with the Rocktape on them, were surprisingly good.  Seeing Danny, Hannah and Jack on this difficult stretch certainly helped get me going for the final descent to the finish line.  I managed to run the second 21km in 1 hour and 31 minutes and sneak under 3 hours.

Achieving your goal in a marathon is always a sensational feeling and it was also very satisfying to have other runners, who also wore Rocktape, seek you out and thank you for helping them have a good race.  Mohammed Sofian from Malaysia sliced 39 minutes off his marathon PB and said that Rocktape certainly contributed to his successful day.