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STUDY DESIGN: Randomized, clinical trial using a repeated measures design.

OBJECTIVE: To determine if Rocktape can improve athletic endurance performance.

BACKGROUND: Tape, braces and supports are used extensively in athletics to correct form and provide support.  Kinesiology tape has gained popularity in recent years.  While Rocktape has become the leader in athletic enhancement kinesiology taping methods, no evidence exists that supports performance claims.

METHODS AND MEASURES: 5 elite cyclists were randomly assigned to ride a 24-mile course with and without tape while their performance was measured.

RESULTS: Athletes who wore Rocktape performed 2-6% better than when they did not wear Rocktape.

CONCLUSION: Rocktape may be of some assistance to athletes in endurance competitions.


A copy of the full report is available and can be obtained by emailing and requesting one.