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Rocktape were lucky enough to be sponsors of the CrossFit event held in Perth in late June – aptly named “The Primal Throwdown”.  People travelled from all over Australia to compete.  We attended the event without much knowledge of what they do or how they do it.  The event was held in Willeton at the Southern Cross Fit Gym and was a full day event (8-4pm).  Kim, my wife & Rock Doc who was gracious enough to assist me, and I spent the day taping many of the competitors for injuries and to support and assist in their performance.

CrossFit Gym’s train their members in all areas including weights, running, rowing (on the ergo’s), skipping etc.  The participants are divided into 6 categories, men and women, and then into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups.  During the day the competitors have to do a series of events, but there is the catch, they DON’T know how many or what the events may be.  It is based on points you earn during each event so if you perform well you then can make it to the finals.  But, they are told how many will qualify for the finals.

Here how this crazy, energy driving, amazing and very fit event went.

Event 1:

Part 1 – Dead lift or Clean & Jerk or Snatch: Depending on what you do you earn points for every lift completed. The more difficult the lift the more points earned.  Weights are set for each category.  This went for 5 minutes.

With a good crowd the atmosphere was great.

Part 2 – 1km run: After finishing Part 1, the competitors had 1 minute to get to the start line and then run the fastest 1km they could – the faster the time the more points they earned.

Event 2:

This had two components and went for 7 minutes.  They had to get through as many of these sets of components as they could during that time frame.  Set in a 1m square area the competitor had to do a 15 “double unders” when skipping.  Once they had finished that component the Intermediates had to do 30 squats, the Advanced 15 1 x legged squats, then return to the skipping ropes and so on.

Talk about some amazing skill and strength on display.  With the crowd surrounding the marquee and cheering their favourite competitor it was electric.  And with the shirts off at that time for the male competitors, I soon understood why Kim so generously volunteered and cancelled her other appointment to help out.

Event 3:

This event also had 2 components but went for 12minutes.  The first portion was to row on the ergo for one minute to get as far as you could in that time, then jump up and using a round bench press weight (up to 25kg depending on your category) do as many presses above your head in the allotted time before spending the next minute on the ergo again, and so it went on.

Being later in the day and the penultimate event, competitors were pushing themselves to the limit to get as many points possible to try to get a PB or make it to the finals.  With a large crown inside watching the atmosphere was amazing and competitors were collapsing off the ergo and soon as that last buzzer sounded.

From then if they were lucky (or unlucky enough), to make the finals, they had to go through and punish themselves even further.

The CrossFit games are a worldwide phenomenon that is televised live across the USA every year for the entire event.  Reebok just paid a very, very, very large sum of money to use the “CrossFit” name on their clothing.  It is gradually growing in Australia but it won’t be long before it is huge.  So it you want a new crazy and exhilarating challenge, call up one of the CrossFit gyms in your area.

Rocktape are very happy to be a part of such a dynamic event and we received some fabulous feedback from a lot of the competitors we taped on the day.  We are looking forward to the in-house seminar showing them how effective Rocktape can be to assist in their performance and how to tape each other (and themselves) correctly.

Until next month, keep “Rocking”.