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At RockTape we are extremely fortunate to have some of the best minds working on our education programs.  In early January, Steve, our Education Director, was lucky enough to join RockTape educators from the US, UK, Canada, and Mexico in Puerto Vallarta for the annual international education summit.  Puerto Vallarta is a coastal resort on the west coast of Mexico, approximately three hours flying time from LA.  Despite being “winter”, it was still 26-30 degrees every day, so quite a shock to the system of those from North America who came from several feet of snow!!  The beautiful beachside backdrop we had was lovely, but there was still some serious work to be done.

There are some amazing people that come together to plan and discuss our international education offerings for the next 12 months, including some very well known “gurus” in the movement and rehabilitation space, such as Steve Capobianco (Project Move), Perry Nickleston (Stop Chasing Pain), Adam Wolf (Biomechanical Detective) and Shante Cofield (Movement Maestro) to name just a few, but many more brilliant minds that are not as well-known on social media!  The brain power in the room at these gatherings is quite phenomenal.  We always believe that the collective wisdom of a group like this far outweighs the wisdom of one person, and it is with this belief that we can redefine the traditional teachings of kinesiology taping and the use of massage tools.  Our collective focus is to bring these techniques up to speed with current thinking around neuroscience and the biopsychosocial approach of patient care, and to dispel old fashioned and out of date methods.  This is the cornerstone of our education, and why our courses are constantly being revised and updated.  There is always more to learn and we take that mantra to our courses too, as there are always moments when, as a group brainstorming, some new “wow” moments occur.  At RockTape we truly believe that “If you think you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room”!

And of course, one of our other beliefs is that “learning should be fun” and this was no different at the Instructor Summit.  We had a few intensive days of learning, challenging all aspects of our education to make sure it is up to date and evidence informed, but there was still plenty of time for bodysurfing, beach volleyball, group workouts and obstacle course challenges.  After all, RockTape is a Movement Company and we have to practice what we preach!