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We are excited to announce the launch of Rocktape Equine – taping options for the horse and rider!  This new concept was launched at Equitana in Sydney over the weekend.  It expands on the traditional use of kinesiology tape for human applications, offering taping applications for the equine too.  Similarly to the use of Rocktape for humans, movement patterns of horses can also benefit from increased feedback to the brain through the application of Rocktape.   Equine athletes have highly developed feedback mechanisms from their coat, so the light sensory input of the tape can have a dramatic effect on their movement.  This can assist with injury management and rehabilitation, and correction of unwanted postures or movement patterns.  Rocktape’s 10cm width tape is perfect for equine applications, and we even have “Rocktape H2O” with a stronger adhesive which helps to ensure that the tape adheres well to the horse’s coat.

Of course the riders can also benefit from the use of Rocktape.  Whether for postural correction, injury management or even injury prevention, we have developed techniques that will assist the equestrian to also “Go stronger, longer!”

Look out for the roll out of Rocktape Equine over the next few months, including a manual of taping applications, training courses and You Tube videos.

Giddy Up!!

kinesiology taping for horses