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As we return to work and get back into the routine, many of us decide we don’t want to do the same old things again in 2014.   We want to mix it up a bit and that includes the way we look after our clients and ourselves.  Perhaps you may be interested in starting off the year with professional development.  Rocktape has lined up many courses to satisfy demand in both the city and regional areas for both those who are new to kinesiology taping and for those who know the basics but want to take their skills to the next level.  Over the next couple of months the following courses are available:

Full day courses

  • Hobart – Sunday February 23  (only 4 spots left)
  • Brisbane – Saturday March 1
  • Melbourne – Saturday March 1 (only 3 spots left)
  • Sydney – Saturday March 8
  • Gold Coast – Saturday March 8
  • Perth – Saturday March 8 (only 5 spots left)
  • Adelaide – Saturday March 15
  • Canberra – Saturday March 15

Advanced full day courses (Rocktape 2)

  • Melbourne – Saturday April 5
  • Sydney – Saturday May 10
  • Brisbane – Saturday May 31
  • Perth – Saturday June 7

Half day courses

  • Cairns – Saturday February 15
  • Melbourne – Friday April 4 (lower limb)
  • Bordertown – Saturday May 3

If you would like to register, or for more information on other courses as their details are finalised, go to

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