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Rocktape has added Knee Caps, G-Loves and improved Rock Guards to our range of products for CrossFit athletes.  The RRP for each product is $60 for a pair.  The Knee Caps provide some support and stability for our knees when working out, the G-Loves protect our hands when lifting and rope climbing, and the Rock Guards protect our shins when dead lifting, box jumping and rope climbing.

The new Knee Caps are proving very popular and we recently received testimonials from Rob Forte (1st place in the 2014 Australian Regional CrossFit Games) and Claire Fraser  (13th place in the 2014 Australian Regional CrossFit Games) – refer below.  But of course you don’t need to lifting big weights to benefit from the support and stability they offer.

Rob Forte (CrossFit Frankston)

The Knee Caps have been great, the 7mm is awesome for heavy lifting.  It is also a bonus to have the 5mm option for most workouts because they allow a little bit more movement around the knee.  I use them pretty much every day and they play a big part in keeping my knees healthy.  I would recommend them to anyone!

Claire Fraser (CrossFit Warrnambool)

Since I have had the Rocktape Knee Caps, I have literally not had a days training without them!  They are the most ‘fit for purpose’ knee sleeve conducive to both the demands of CrossFit workouts and lifting.  I have found that the knee caps are far superior than any other knee sleeve that I have used in terms of compression, support, fit and comfort.  I am no longer having to pull the sleeves up consistently as they are moulded to the shape of the legs much better and also sit higher on the VMO which provides far greater support for my problematic knees.  I have also found that the level of support and compression does not change despite the level of activity or use, duration or amount of sweat!  I would highly recommend these sleeves to anyone who requires knee support and compression as they are far more advanced than any other knee sleeve on the market.

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