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Sarah Kent is a 21 year old World Champion from Western Australia.  Sarah is a track cyclist, competing in the Team Pursuit, and was a part of the UCI Track World Championship winning team in Denmark in 2010.  Sarah has used Rocktape extensively in training to treat injuries and also to maintain better posture on the bike.  Sarah recently wrote “Rocktape has without a doubt aided my latest win at the World Cup in Melbourne on December 2nd.”

How Rocktape helped me win at the World Cup track cycling event in Melbourne – by Sarah Kent

Since winning the Teams Pursuit World Championship in March, I had been looking forward to racing the World Cup for months.  It was an honour to line up in the World Champion stripes in front of a home crowd at the Hisense Arena at such a prestigious International event.  With the rainbow stripes, came the pressure to perform.  Months beforehand leading into the event, I was focused on using this pressure as an incentive and something to gain confidence from to take out the win in Melbourne, and I knew there was only one way to do that: Train harder than ever before.

My history of back and neck pain meant this was going to be difficult.  When you train on the rivet every day, twice a day, your body is 10 times more prone to injury, therefore maintenance is very important.  Since joining forces with Rocktape in October, I was able to finally complete the solid uninterrupted block of training I was chasing for 2 years.  Without using Rocktape on a day to day basis, there was no possible way I was going to be in the form I was so motivated for, in Melbourne.  There is nothing more frustrating for an athlete than having to fitness to perform, but being unable to produce the results due to chronic pain injuries.

For long hours in the saddle I applied Rocktape to both my lower back and neck/shoulders to act as a feedback mechanism to keep my relaxed posture maintained on the road.  My program also consists of numerous rehab sessions a week in the gym to strengthen my back.  During these sessions, I developed knee niggles.  I was totally amazed the first time I taped my knee up.  I went from sharp knee pains, to absolutely no pain whatsoever.  Without this, the beginning of my 2011 season could have started off very differently!

Sarah is currently in The Netherlands for the 2011 UCI World Track Championships hoping to defend her world championship, with the ultimate aim of representing Australia at the London Olympics in 2012.  Rocktape are proud to be associated with Sarah and look forward to assisting her in her dream to become an Olympic Gold Medallist.