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The second Australian Rocktape seminar to be held at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Melbourne on October the 9th is generating a lot of interest. Attendees confirmed so far include representatives from AFL clubs, A League clubs, an elite athlete who represented Australia in the 2006 Commonwealth Games, a high profile medical personality, as well as some lecturers from Melbourne Universities.

In addition to covering the fundamental kinesiology concepts we will introduce a new protocol Rocktape has developed called Power Taping.

Power Taping is based on the obvious yet largely overlooked concept of muscles acting as a chain. Power Taping’s revolutionary technique utilizes “longitudinal anatomy”, or “movement patterns” concept, the body’s integration of movement via multi-muscle contractions as a means of connecting the brain to the body’s uninterrupted fascial web in order to enhance athletic training and performance via cutaneous (skin) stimulation.