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Our new Indigenous Goanna design has been many months in the making.  We were originally approached about doing an Indigenous design by Bree Sauer, an Exercise Physiologist from Gatton in Queensland.  Bree had been working with a boy named Marcellus, and his father Trent is an Aboriginal artist.  Trent painted a number of awesome designs for us, and in consultation with our Korean Production Manager, and our graphic design team, it was decided that the “Goannas” painting would be the best fit for a tape design.  There was still some work to do, converting the painting into an electronic format for the printing requirements, however looking at the fantastic finished product, all the time it took to get this tape produced was well worth it.

Every piece of Aboriginal art has a background story, and this is the story of the “Goannas”:

My name is Trent Squires and I am a proud Noongar man.  I live for my family, my fiancé Sueallen, and our son Marcellus, who is my hero.  Marcellus teaches us how to live and love life like we never knew we could.  He is my inspiration. He is our world. And this painting represents my family and the struggles we face each and every day but never give up.

The painting shows goannas traveling across drought stricken land looking for food and water- the simplest things in life we take for granted.  The goannas have only one direction to travel in. They either choose to sit where they are or move forward and fight to live.

I feel this represents our lives by showing that we, like many others, struggle but will never give up.  You only have one direction to move in and that is forward.  Like the Goannas you have a choice, you can choose to sit and dwell or fight to live life.

RockTape would like to sincerely thank the following people for their assistance in getting this design idea to come to fruition:

Bree Sauer, Exercise Physiologist at “Fresh Start Professional Healthcare”

Candice Pizzol- Graphic Designer at “The Graphic Design Company”

And of course Trent Squires: the artist who spent many hours coming up with different designs for us.  Please see more of Trent’s fantastic work at his Facebook page: