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How did you become involved with RockTape?

After Darryn and Tony (fellow Directors) returned from their USA trip with RockTape samples, they needed some practitioners to test the product.  Given I am a physio, it was a natural choice that they sent some of it my way.  I was impressed with the product so I was on board!  Naturally then, the education of other practitioners became my area.

What made you think that RockTape could become a successful product in Australia?

I was impressed with the quality of the tape compared with what I had used in the past.  And I was also impressed with the way the product was presented, along with the philosophy of the education.

What is your favourite RockTape application?

I love the different variations of knee taping.  This was really got me into kinesiology taping in the first place as I had some PFJ issues from time to time with running, and hated the traditional rigid taping approach- it just wasn’t comfortable for me at all.  I also love the lower limb spiral taping, and I use this a lot for my patients with knee pain.  Do we tape where the symptoms are, or where they are coming from?  Or both?

Why do you think RockTape has been able to become the leading brand in the kinesiology category in Australia?

Mainly through our education philosophy- keeping it simple and de-mystifying the use of K-tape.  That sits well with the busy practitioner- a taping application according to our framework should only take a couple of minutes.  The freedom of access to information on the website also helps.  No one likes to have to remember another login and password!!!

What have you enjoyed most about the RockTape Australia journey?

Meeting so many other practitioners around Australia, as well as collaborating with our international education team.  We are so fortunate to have so many smart practitioners presenting for RockTape in Australia, but also around the world.  Getting together with them all is always a highlight.

How would a perfect day on the weekend look like?

An early morning surf, breaky and a coffee on the deck in the sun with my wife Anthea and our lab Molly, some gardening, and then a run later in the day.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Happy to travel anywhere!  Africa is amazing, but we have also had some brilliant tropical surfing/snorkelling holidays too.  Vanuatu is a great choice for that!

What animals does your family currently have?

A black Labrador, Molly and four chooks.