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How did you become involved with RockTape?

Darryn (fellow RockTape Director) and I came across RockTape in its infancy on a trip to the USA to run the Boston marathon in April 2010.   Darryn met the creator of RockTape – Greg van den Dries, in San Francisco, and we returned to Australia with some samples and an insight into Greg’s plans for RockTape.  We trialled the RockTape in both the practitioner clinic and on the running track, and were able to experience the quality of the product first hand.  We loved the strong branding and were excited at Greg’s vision for the product.  At the time I was job sharing with my wife Danny, as the company secretary/financial controller for a property developing company, so that I could have a hands on roll with the upbringing of my kids Hannah and Jack.  Hannah was about to start kindergarten so there was an opportunity to take on a new and exciting business challenge, which was very different to my previous roles with big organisations like Ernst & Young, BHP and CUB.  Within a few months RockTape Australia had grown to such an extent that I was required to become RockTape Australia’s first full time resource.

What made you think that RockTape could become a successful product in Australia?

Our market research indicated that the kinesiology tape category in Australia was small, yet in the USA and Europe the category was growing quite quickly.  The brands that did exist in Australia were not overly active in building the category.  We felt that RockTape was superior to the other brands in relation to quality and branding.   Plus the RockTape education approach or framework was simple yet effective, and de-mystified how kinesiology tape could be used.

What is your favourite RockTape application?

Most definitely the calf application.  Despite getting a little older I still like to push the limits in training and competition.  Yet my body needs more assistance in both prehab and rehab – probably something many refer to as “old man-it is”.  I am regularly wearing RockTape on my calves and love how easily I am able to modify the application depending on what needs the assistance of the RockTape to alleviate symptoms, while I work on the underlying cause.  At the moment I’m training for my 14th Perth marathon, 29 marathons in total, and I am trying to continue my consecutive streak at Perth of going sub 3 hours.  Hopefully some cross training and RockTape will help me achieve a few more sub 3 hour marathons yet.

Why do you think RockTape has been able to become the leading brand in the kinesiology category in Australia?

The quality of product produced in South Korea at our own factory is a significant factor.  From day one we have also always tried to exceed customer expectations in everything we do, and I think our customers get pleasantly surprised when we respond to their emails so promptly, or their order arrives so quickly.  We also spend a lot of time and effort getting out to see our customers and building relationships.  In 2016 we attended 90 expos / conferences, and conducted 150 education sessions in both capital cities and regional centres.

What have you enjoyed most about the RockTape Australia journey?

Becoming involved in RockTape has been life changing.  Work and play often seem to blend into one.  Through RockTape I have met a lot of interesting people, been exposed to many new sports and visited some exciting destinations within Australia and internationally.  Through RockTape my kids, Hannah and Jack, have met some world class athletes who are first class people, that the kids now aspire to grow up like.  We never stop learning and I have loved the opportunity to learn new skills both work related and sports related.  I never imagined I would start playing for a basketball team as a 47 year old, or would learn how to do a handstand.

What is your most embarrassing sporting moment?

I have had a couple of running related incidents which come to mind that were equally embarrassing.  The first was running an 800m in high school and the elastic in my jocks broke mid race.  This resulted in my jocks sliding down and appearing around my quads and hammies.  The second was getting dressed for a run in the dark so as to reduce the chance of waking anyone else in the house.  When part way through the run it became light I noticed I had put my running shorts on inside out.  So I had the built in jocks/liner on the outside.  So I had to jump in the bushes and whip the shorts off and put them back on the correct way.

How would a perfect day on the weekend look like?

An early morning long run along the coast, walking our dog with my wife, Danny, to our local coffee shop, watching kids play sport – Hannah horse riding and Jack basketball, and finishing the day having family and friends over for dinner cooked in the wood fired pizza oven.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Our family loves a trip to the USA and our favourite places to visit include Universal Studios in Orlando, hiking or mountain bike riding in Sedona, an NBA game and a visit to San Francisco to catch up on the latest developments at RockTape HQ.

What animals does your family currently have?  Ash – Welsh pony, Buddy – English Staffy and Rocky – a rescue cat