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Adrian Deans is based on Victoria’s magical surf coast, dividing his time between his Torquay and Ocean Grove practices.  With a lunchtime drive along the beautiful 13th beach (of Sea Change fame), it is a wonder he gets any treatments done in the afternoons at all.  Adrian attended the Melbourne seminar in October 2010 and has since used Rocktape to treat a variety of injuries.  One of the standout results he has had was with a runner competing in the Melbourne Marathon Festival.

Plagued by shin splints in the lead up to the event, Adrian taped her medial tibial region and the benefit was remarkable.  “The patient rang me after the event and couldn’t believe she had run pain free after so much difficulty in the lead up to the event.  She couldn’t stop raving about the ‘Magic Tape’” Adrian said.  Another happy runner on Victoria’s surf coast.