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Ben is a podiatrist and competes in triathlons.  He uses Rocktape on his patients in his clinic, Stepahead Podiatry in Rockingham, and has trialled various applications on himself – recently using Rocktape on his Achilles tendinopathy injury enabling him to get through the Busselton half ironman in May.

Ben was first introduced to Rocktape in September 2010 and immediately started using it as another tool in his tool kit for treating patients.   After having some successful trials he had a desire to learn more about this new breed of sports tape and the taping applications which are quite different to traditional rigid tape, so he recently attended a half day seminar specifically for podiatrists – where the focus was on lower limb applications.

When armed with more knowledge on the many taping applications for Rocktape applicable to podiatrists, Ben has achieved some great results.  He recently contacted us and gave us some great feedback on the “jelly fish” application.  “I used Rocktape on a severely damaged ankle to avert the need for surgery.  The ankle injury included chondral thinning of the anterolateral tibial plafond with subcortical sclerosis and marrow oedema, bone oedema at the fibular head, tearing of the ATFL and calcaneofibular lig, lobulated fluid collections consistent with two ganglions, peroneal sheath effusion and probable split in peroneus brevis tendon.” said Ben.  “His treatment included ultrasound, dry needling and Rocktape until recently when I have started to mobilise the area too.  He is at the gym, walking daily and looking at a return to work with no surgery as yet.  His final surgical review is still to come though. The patient is stoked and telling everyone about Rocktape.”