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Katika is an Exercise Physiologist, working for Health By Design ( in Perth and in the North West of Western Australia. Katika uses the Rocktape for her clients as the ‘Industrial Athlete’ treating injuries such as occupational overuse injuries and poor posture.  She also finds personal use for the tape as the leading goal kicker for the Women’s Western Australia Football League (WWAFL), playing for the Coastal Titans .

Katika was introduced to Rocktape upon attending a seminar at Murdoch University in Perth which was promoted by Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA). She began using the tape immediately on her own ITB and knee, seeing major benefits in reduced soreness and increased mobility. It also helped to stop the early onset of muscle soreness. As a result of using the tape, Katika was able to spend longer on the ground during matches, and combined with rehabilitation exercises, her leg pain has ceased.

Katika has also introduced Rocktape to her team-mates at the club who have also experienced positive results such as reduced swelling of injuries, improved management of pre-existing injuries and faster returns from injury. The Coastal Titans Women’s Football Club are reigning premiers and now use Rocktape on many of their players for training and games.

In the work place, Katika has introduced Rocktape to clients such as Western Power and Holcim to aid in injury management of the industrial athlete.  “We are able to give clients the tape, show them the application principles for the injured area and also direct them to the website for the online videos. Rocktape proves to be effective in providing proprioceptive feedback for postural difficulties that can lead to long term injury such as rotator cuff pain, occupational overuse syndromes and tendonitis. The pain can be alleviated and workers are able to get back to their day-to-day tasks, creating less down time and improved productivity. For the individual, they see reduction in pain and return to normality in their work life and home life.”