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We are excited to announce the arrival of Rock Sauce to Australia!  Rock Sauce is a heat cream that is compatible with Rocktape, so the benefits of both the heat and the tape can be applied in one go!

Rock Sauce has a unique formula that allows the application of tape immediately after the cream has been applied, without cleaning the skin, saving time and ensuring that your tape stays put.  This revolutionary advancement in heat cream technology will change the way practitioners and athletes approach their treatment and management of injuries, and it can even be applied over the top of existing Rocktape applications.

Rock Sauce contains the usual heat cream ingredients, methyl salicylate and menthol, with the powerful addition of capsaicin, a natural ingredient derived from chilies, giving Rock Sauce that extra bite!  Of course Rock Sauce can be used with either Rocktape or rigid tape, allowing your patients to “Go Stronger, Longer” this winter season.

Rock Sauce is available in 120ml and 240ml bottles.