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For athletes in their high travel season, convenience is a must. Packing for a trip always includes the essentials. For me, RockTape is considered an essential.

The RockPack not only targets those who travel, but also those who like to live with some level of organisation. It’s fantastic having all your RockTape essentials in one place. Whether you use kinesiology tape for mobility, recovery or simply to reduce swelling from flying, keeping your supplies all together in one handy location is ideal. Now I can simply grab my RockPack when I’m on the go.

So what is the RockPack? It consists of a roll of tape, scissors and a bottle of RockSauce, all packed into a compact, high quality travel case. Therefore no more damage to your tape as you try to slot the rolls between your other travel essentials.

Before the RockPack,  l would cut my tape pre-emptively, and pack these strips in as I travelled to compete. Not knowing what my body might need after a competition, I left myself open to only having the right length of strips pre-cut for half of my needs, and therefore not always able to begin the ideal recovery process immediately.

The travel case is big enough to fit 4 rolls of tape in. If you’re anything like me and like to mix and match your tape, then this space is a bonus. Alternatively you might utilise the sauces more, you can fit both the Chill Sauce and RockSauce in the travel case, alongside a roll of tape. The RockPack is 23cm in length, 12cm wide and only 7cm in height, so it won’t take up much space in your luggage.

As a bonus, you will have no more frustration when you attempt rounding the edges of the tape using the kitchen scissors, as the scissors included in the RockPack are light weight, sharp and have a long lifespan.

Affordability is on the top of everyone’s priority list, well that’s the beauty of this product- it is good value for money. With a roll of tape alone costing $22.50, and RockSauce being $19.95, you get the RockPack for only $39.95. Talk about a bargain! What are you waiting for? Head on over to RockTape Australia to purchase your RockPack. No other kinesiology tape offers a travel pack!

Overall this product is compact, convenient, good value for money and practical for any RockTape user.