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Sarah was taped up by Rock Doc Brett on Wednesday night in preparation for her ergo session in the WAIS lab on Thursday afternoon.  As well as taping Sarah’s neck, lower back and glutes, Brett taped up Sarah’s anterior and posterior chains in accordance with the Rocktape Power Taping protocol.

Sarah indicated before the session that her fitness was where it needed to be for the start of the track season, leading into her final preparation for the first World Cup Track cycling event in Melbourne in early December.  However, Sarah’s ergo results were nothing short of sensational.  The results were the best Sarah had ever done for that particular ergo session, even better than the comparative session completed at her peak just before the 2010 World Championships when Sarah was part of the winning Women’s Pursuit team.

The Power Taping assisted Sarah to “go stronger, longer” like the Rocktape tagline, as Sarah achieved better power wattage output at the end of her gruelling session than at the start.

There is a very good chance that Sarah will be sporting the hot pink Rocktape when she takes on the world’s best track cyclists in Melbourne.