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Brand new in 2014 is “Rocktape 2”, our advanced course in kinesiology taping and Power Taping!  Rocktape 2 is designed to build on the basic principles covered in our standard course.

Rocktape 2 is perfect for those practitioners that wish to:

  • Revise the basic taping principles and update on the latest research in kinesiology taping
  • Learn more regional taping techniques, including multiple variations for common presentations such as shoulder and knee injuries.
  • Cover more postural/movement correction methods of taping
  • Discover some different uses for Rocktape such as using it for scar management
  • Investigate the Power Taping concept in greater depth, including lower limb, upper limb and trunk taping techniques

Like our standard course, Rocktape 2 will remain a heavily prac-based and interactive course.  It will also include a “Participant Masterclass”, where participants will share their own taping ideas that have worked well with their patient population.

Register now for Rocktape 2 courses to be held in early 2014, in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.  Go to

As always, the aim of our education program is to de-mystify kinesiology taping, present simple concepts that can be easily adapted to the clinic, whilst being guided by the latest research evidence.

For more information about Rocktape 2, or any of our education options, contact Tony on 0439 619 490 or email