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Ever thought about educating yourself regarding kinesiology taping and then find yourself lacking the time to attend a full day taping course?  Well no more excuses, the world’s best kinesiology tape now offers an online introductory course.  This course allows you to work at your own pace, when it suits you, and the best part is it is only 30 minutes in length.

Many have heard of RockTape, yet most have no idea how to apply it correctly.  Some even struggle to simply remove the backing paper.  Without prior knowledge, you cannot gain the full benefit that RockTape kinesiology tape has to offer.

Knowledge is power.  This compact online RockTape introductory course is informative, educating a user on how the tape works and why it is effective.  Being a durable tape that can lasts up to five days, if applied incorrectly it may not even last one training session.  After such an experience you would be deterred from RockTape.  This is where this short online course is beneficial.  It provides concise application tips, so as to minimise tape wastage and maximise the benefits.

In general most people are familiar with rigid tape, and feel less “supported” and make the assumption that RockTape is not helpful as it does not restrict movement.  This RockTape online course provides information on when and how RockTape can benefit you, and when rigid tape is more beneficial.

For someone who is looking for the basics, this course is perfect.  The online course covers the basic taping techniques for the calf, knee, shoulder, and back regions.  The latter are the most common problems experienced by those who are physically active.  There are many ways to apply tape depending on the injury, and requirements of the individual.  This is where the practical full day courses will be a better option for you.

Overall, I would recommend the RockTape online course as it can be completed in under half an hour and covers the basics, providing knowledge beneficial to all users.

Written by Yolanda Schmidt

Please check out our new on line education at  Input your details to enrol, and you should be good to go to complete the free “Introduction to RockTape” online course.