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We have now developed several different options to provide education about kinesiology taping.  The full day seminars remain our principal method of introducing the concept of kinesiology taping to the majority of practitioners, as well as teaching them the concepts of “Power Taping”, utilising the benefits of kinesiology taping to tape whole “kinetic chains”.  However we also offer half day workshops for both general applications and a workshop that is lower limb specific, often attended by podiatrists but open to all practitioners.  These half day options are attractive to busy practitioners, and those that are just keen to learn the basic principles of kinesiology taping.

Not sure which one is the best option for you?

The full day seminar covers:

  • Theory of kinesiology tape
  • Regional taping – muscle and joint applications
  • Oedema / inflammation taping applications
  • Postural taping applications
  • Theory of Power Taping
  • Power Taping applications
  • Sports performance taping applications

The half day workshops focus on the more commonly used Rocktape applications within the three categories of regional taping, oedema taping and postural control taping.  The lower limb specific workshops will obviously focus on lower limb applications!  There is less time spent on the theory and research associated with kinesiology tape than a full day seminar, and we only briefly introduce the sports performance and power taping applications. Power Taping involves taping the muscles associated with a particular sport, linking the muscles of the appropriate kinetic chain, ie lower back, hamstring and calf muscles that make up the posterior chain.

Some clinics are now choosing to host their own half day workshops to enable their small group of practitioners to enjoy a small group learning environment and the ability to focus the session to the types of taping that are best suited to their clientele.  One such workshop was recently held in Melbourne’s Patterson Lakes:

“I would like to pass on our appreciation for setting up the workshop within our clinic last weekend as we all gained and immense amount of knowledge out of the course as it was particularly structured to our needs.   I have applied a number of the techniques today and can’t wait for patient feedback in regards to this.  I also have many more clients in mind to play with the techniques further.”

Louise Harvey – Patterson Allied Health, Patterson Lakes

Rocktape has also recently commenced half day sessions for Personal Trainers, allowing this group to further their knowledge of kinesiology taping for common injuries seen with their clients, and how some taping applications could improve their client’s technique with their prescribed exercise program.

For further information about Rocktape education sessions, please see our website for details: or email