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Rocktape attended the Anaconda Adventure race at Augusta on the weekend.  Considering that the benefits of kinesiology tape, and in particular Rocktape, are still very new to most people, the reception we had from the athletes was sensational.  They were very inquisitive about this new type of sports tape being used more regularly by innovative practitioners and elite athletes.

The most common muscles and joints we taped up were achilles, calf muscles, shin splints, knees, lower backs, necks and shoulders.  Many athletes also wanted their ankles taped up for the challenging run course which involved a lot of rock hopping.

On Sunday we watched the athletes compete in this spectacular event involving a coastal run, an ocean swim, an inlet and ocean paddle, a mountain bike ride and finish with a beach run.  The winner covered the total combined distance of 61km over the very rugged terrain in a little over 4 hours.  Athletes crossed the line exhausted but happy to have completed the challenge.  Those who had Rocktape applied pre race were pleasantly surprised at how it had stuck despite all the sand, dirt, water and sweat.

After the race many competitors thanked us for introducing them to Rocktape and numerous athletes were amazed at what a difference it made for them.  Muscles which normally would cramp didn’t and knees which would normally become painful caused no problems.  This made the hours of taping by the Rocktape team on the Saturday all worthwhile, knowing we had helped our fellow athletes have a better experience.