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Elite athletes in Australia lead a privileged existence when it comes to training facilities and access to sports medicine practitioners and medical imaging to keep them in top shape.  We often take this for granted, however the story for Kenya’s elite marathoners is quite different.  Rocktape Australia was introduced to Philip Muia at the 2010 City to Surf in Perth.

Philip is an elite marathoner with a PB of 2:15.  This means he is invited to compete in international marathons, earning an income for himself and his family. Not only that, but Philip has also used part of this income to build a training facility for the youth of his village, so they can follow in his footsteps in elite athletics.

However when he is back in his rural Kenyan village, he has very limited access to sports medicine practitioners if he gets injured.  That is why Philip contacted us for help when he had a calf injury earlier this year.  Knowing that he could apply this tape to himself after witnessing its benefits in Perth, he was delighted when we sent him some rolls of tape to assist his injury.  Philip wrote, “I have to say Rocktape is truly good – it helps to reduce sports injury pains and also heals.  I have been having big problems for three months and as I applied Rocktape to my injury, it started getting better and better and finally I am free from injury.  I am happy I can run now and I am planning in July to compete Gold Coast Marathon in Australia.”

Philip is now back in training and is building his fitness back up and we believe he is still on target to compete in the Gold Coast Marathon.  We wish him well in the remainder of his training and are delighted to have been of some assistance to him.