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Rocktape are very excited to announce that they will be the official kinesiology tape supplier to the Genesys Pro Cycling Team for the next 12 months.  The team is one of Australia’s top performing cycling teams and they also compete regularly in events in Asia.  The Genesys Pro Cycling Team has won the Australian National Teams competition twice in the past three years.

The Genesys Pro Cycling Team was introduced to Rocktape by Occupational Therapist, Ian Wee, when they recently competed in the Perth Criterium series.  The cyclists found the Rocktape provided excellent support and stability to muscles and joints while importantly still allowing full range of movement.

“I attended a Rocktape seminar in Brisbane in February and it was very informative, and I came away with a number of potential applications for use with the team,” commented Scott Robbins, team physiotherapist.  “I subsequently used Rocktape in the tour event in Jelajah Malaysia and was impressed with its adhesive properties, particularly in the humidity and the rain.  The Rocktape helped manage injuries and ensure the boys could make it through a lengthy tour with an average distance of 160kms per day at an average speed of 43km/h over 6 days.  I found Rocktape particularly useful in the:

  • Reduction of calf pain and to help with inflammation from a calf tear.
  • To help unload the patella, quads tendon and to also stimulate the activation of gluteus medius, which helped a rider get through a stage when the previous day he had considered pulling out.”