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Our Movability course introduces the concept of movement therapy and performance enhancement to create simple and effective home care mobility and stability programs.  Movability is a new paradigm for enhancing human movement.  This course will clarify the “why” behind using the balls, bands, rollers, and tape to improve mobility and stability of the body using a joint by joint approach.  By using movement assessment to determine planar dysfunction, participants will learn how to determine if the dysfunction is primarily a mobility or stability problem.

Tools (balls bands, rollers and kinesiology tape) will be used to tackle an evidence informed, joint by joint approach to movement and functional rehabilitation.  Movement assessments will be used to identify dysfunctional movement patterns.  The primary goal of this course is to help healthcare and fitness professionals teach at home therapy for their athletes and patients.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the Rocktape Movement Pyramid
  • Movement as Medicine
  • Regional Interdependence concept
  • Movement screening and & planes of dysfunction
  • Mobility fixes – banded mobilising, foam rollers, balls
  • Stability fixes – Rocktape and corrective exercises
  • Joint by joint examples
  • Integrated movement examples

Attendees receive:

  • a copy of the presentation slides 
  • a roller, a pair of Rock Balls, a Rockband and some Rocktape to take away and trial the new skills you will acquire.  RRP of the take home items is $150
  • a certificate on completion

Cost: $290 (incl GST), $190 (incl GST) for undergrad students

Time: Registration at 8:45am, course commences at 9am and concludes at 5pm.

Upcoming courses:

Brisbane – Saturday June 10
Melbourne – Saturday July 22
Sydney – Sunday October 29

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