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Zac Leow’s story is truly inspirational.  Zac moved to Perth from Singapore to study Sports Science at the University of WA.  However on November 6th last year, Zac was riding his bike in Shenton Park and the front wheel caught in a drain, flipping him onto his head, fracturing his C1 vertebrae.

Zac spent time in both the Royal Perth Hospital spinal unit and Shenton Park Rehab Hospital.  His initial prognosis was not good, with doctors predicting he would be unlikely to run again.  However Zac was extremely lucky and determined, and his recovery has been remarkable.  Zac completed a half marathon in Singapore, and then the Perth Marathon in June.

Rocktape has been able to play a significant part in Zac’s amazing journey.  Zac was introduced to Rocktape and was keen to give it a go.  He found that it really helped him.  Zac said “Many might argue that these coloured tapes are nothing but placebo.  My take, try it to believe it.”  Zac found that a lower limb spiral chain on his left leg helped to ease the spasm in his calf that plagued him when running.  He also used a posterior power taping chain on the left leg as he felt this assisted his left hamstring activation.  In addition to this, Zac has found that posture taping can help improve his awareness of his left scapula position.

Zac is one determined character and this story is far from over.  We hope that Rocktape can continue to assist Zac to achieve his goals- one race at a time!

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