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Rocktape will be the official kinesiology tape supplier for the Australian Paralympic Cycling Team for the next 18 months.  Rocktape Australia is excited to be able to support these elite cyclists who are training very hard with the goal of representing their country at the London Olympics.

The cyclists will use Rocktape to assist them:

  • shorten rehabilitation times from injury,
  • improve endurance through increased circulation improving the supply of oxygen to muscles and the removal of lactic acid, and improved postural support; and
  • improve recovery time after intense training sessions or races, as the increased circulation assists in the removal of waste products such as lactic acid.

“The pendulum is swinging strongly towards the use of kinesiology taping techniques,” said Anouska Edwards – Australian Paralympic Cycling Team physiotherapist.  “I have been trialing different kinesiology tapes for sometime and recently was introduced to Rocktape, and I have found it much stickier which to me is an excellent improvement on kinesio tape.”

Rocktape was recently used by Anouska Edwards to treat cyclists at the 2011 Oceania Para-Cycling Road Championships on the Sunshine Coast.  The feedback from the cyclists was great and they were impressed with Rocktape’s durability, elasticity and adherence capabilities.

If consumers use the coupon code “paralympic” when purchasing their Rocktape, Rocktape Australia will donate 10% of sales value to the Australian Paralympic Cycling Team.