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Arnya, a dressage horse, had a peculiar trotting gait which vets had suspected was developed or learned over time as a result of a past injury.  When Arnya trotted her right hind leg swung out sideways and she dragged her right hoof.

Following direction from a vet we applied Rocktape to Arnya’s glute muscles.  There was a noticeable immediate and significant difference in her trotting gait.  The proprioceptive feedback Arnya received from the Rocktape was significant and it resulted in an over correction of the original problem.

We replaced the first Rocktape application with a second and different application, including taping adductor muscle on the right hind leg, and the trotting gait was then looking more normal, but still marginally over corrected.

On reflection of our first experience of applying Rocktape to a horse we can probably get away with putting minimal stretch on the Rocktape, given the very sensitive nature of a horse’s hair.  This will increase the likelihood of the Rocktape staying on for longer and therefore assist in the process of re-training Arnya to achieve the desired trotting gait.

Further trials are planned for the month of August.