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The Perth Wildcats have joined forces with contemporary sports tape brand Rocktape, making them an official partner of the club.

Rocktape is the new fashion in sports tape. It aims to get athletes back into sport faster by activating the nervous and circulatory systems to help initiate healing. This is unlike traditional sports tape, which uses compression and immobilization in treatment.

Director of Rocktape Australia Darryn Flood says, as the producer of a high quality sports product, teaming up with the Wildcats was a perfect fit.

“Hopefully we can help the players stay on the court, prevent injury and help rehabilitation from injury,” he said.

“At the same time we hope to further improve our brand recognition in the market place. When people see coloured tape, we want them to think Rocktape.”

Mr. Flood says it means a lot to be a part of the Perth Wildcats – a West Australian sporting icon.

“I’m certainly excited about the relationship,” he said.

“Hopefully we can add some further colour to the players! Along with the move back into the city to the Perth Arena, I believe basketball can return to its glory days.”

With big man Matthew Knight and co–captain Brad Robbins both recovering from off-season surgery, it’s easy to spot Rocktape on the Perth Wildcats players.

Rocktape is water resistant and lasts up to three to five days. It’s elastic, and offers a confortable alternative to both patients and athletes, allowing the muscle or joint to continue to move through it’s full range of motion without losing stability, or impeding circulation.

Darryn Flood says he’s thrilled to help keep the ‘Cats on the court.

“I’m sure the team have a great recovery and injury prevention program in place, but hopefully we can add to this by working closely with the team physio and support staff and supplying tape for the team.”

Photo courtesy of Stephen Duffie from Townsville’s Sport Lifestyle Magazine.