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Rocktape are very excited to announce that they will be the official kinesiology tape supplier to The Plan B Racing Team. The team is one of Australia’s up and coming teams, currently second in the National Road Series following the Tour of Gippsland.

The Plan B Racing Team was introduced to Rocktape by Physiotherapist, Adrian Spinelli, after observing the use of Rocktape at a professional level.

“I attended a Rocktape seminar in Perth in May and came away with a number of potential applications for use with the team,” commented Adrian Spinelli, team Physiotherapist. “I subsequently used Rocktape in the recent tour event in Gippsland with positive feedback from our riders. I was impressed with it’s adhesive properties and ease of use. Rocktape helped in the management of injuries and ensure the boys could make it through various stages on the tour. I found Rocktape particularly useful in the following situations:

  • To offload the patella and provide proprioceptive stimulation for the activation of VMO.
  • To reduce discomfort in the presence of low back soreness.
  • To assist in the reduction of inflammation following a calf contusion post crash”.

Rocktape looks forward to supporting Plan B’s aspirations in becoming a serious contender for the National Road Series, and based on a very successful Gippsland Tour event, their goals look very achievable.