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Over the last month we have added a number of new Rock Stars to the stable of athletes who use Rocktape to help them go stronger, longer.  These athletes find Rocktape a valuable tool to help them shorten their rehab time from injury, improve their endurance and / or shorten their recovery time after an intense training session, race or game.

Archery – Alice Ingley

Aussie Rules – Ryan Cleaver

CrossFit – Jessica Couglan, Cortney Fitzharris, Renee Hoffman

Judo – Kiarn Kelly

Mixed martial arts – Thomas “road rage” Ruderman

Multi event athlete – Mark Duncan

Rugby league – Sandor Earl

Squash – Melody Francis

Triathlon – Kate Bevilaqua and Guy Crawford

We look forward to assisting them work hard toward achieving their goals in 2012, 2013 and beyond.  We will regularly post updates on facebook “Rocktape Australia” on how our Rock Stars are using Rocktape to assist them.