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Rocktape are proud to introduce our latest Rock Star Matt van Berniugen, an up and comer in the world of Powerlifting.  Based in Collie in the south-west of Western Australia, and standing 6 foot tall weighing in at about 150kg, Matt is a man to be reckoned with.  He has been the Western Australian Powerlifting Champion from 2007-2010.  Matt currently holds the Australian (Raw) Bench Press Record Holder at 240kg.  Matt’s best lifts to date in competition include the Squat at 340kg, the Bench at 240kg and the Dead Lift at 310kg.

As you can see Matt has out grown the local and national competition and is looking to turn professional.  Matt and his coach are heading to the USA in March 2011 to qualify and obtain his professional ticket (and maybe break a world record along the way), which will enable him to compete professionally throughout the world.

Matt recently trained with the current World Powerlifting Champion and gave him a run for his money.  At 27, Matt won’t reach his peak for another 10years. That is a massive future to look forward to and RockTape want to help Matt achieve his goals, to take and hold the world title and break world record after world record.

Introduced by his Chiropractor to Rocktape (and having to use the 10cm wide “Big Daddy” due to Matt’s size), Matt immediately felt the benefit of it.

Matt said, “We have tried a couple of different taping applications so far for training and I love the feel of the extra support on my lower back, legs and knees that Rocktape provides. After I put it on the first time I started lifting some heavy weights and they just came up easy.  I am looking forward to what I can do when I get into the serious weights, and we know the how to best tape me for training and competition.”

Due to the immediate effects that Rocktape has had on Matt and his performance at training, he and some of his fellow Powerlifters will be doing some research with Rock Doc, Dr Paul Dillon and his colleagues at Murdoch University.

Rocktape are proud to be supporting our new RockStar and we will keep you posted of his progress.