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Rocktape today announced a partnership with synchronized swimmers Eloise Amberger and Sarah Bombell.

Eloise and Sarah have competed at four FINA World Swimming Championships, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games where they successfully won the bronze medal together as a duet. Everyone at Rocktape is very excited to be supporting these two outstanding athletes on their journey to the 2012 London Olympics.

The training regime for synchronized swimmers is very intense, with a training session lasting as long as 5 hours and totalling 9 hours a day.  The athletes are effectively gymnasts in the water with an amazing lung capacity.  In training they can swim under water for up to 75 metres.

“Knee problems tend to be quite prevalent due to all the eggbeater kicking we do, so we need support and stability but importantly still allow full range of movement,” said Eloise.  “I was recently introduced to Rocktape and I have found both the elasticity and adhesive qualities far superior to the other kinesiology tape brands I had previously used.”

Eloise resides in Brisbane and Sarah on the Gold Coast, and both are currently coached by Anna Nepotacheva and Marina Kholod.