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Perth Integrated Health in collaboration with Rocktape is conducting research to study the difference kinaesthetic taping will make on strength output and endurance in soccer players.

Jamie Harnwell the Development Officer for Football West has got behind the research and has provided access to both the WA Women’s Senior and Under 17 teams.

Are you a soccer player who wants to get that extra edge in your game?  Come participate in a vital study that will revolutionise our sport!  Everyone is always looking for that extra edge to make then stronger, faster and have more endurance.  Soccer players are no difference and this edge may be the difference in the game or the championship!

In this study, you will benefit from:
.  Introduction to the benefits of Rocktape in performance enhancement and injury management.
.  Complementary neuromuscular assessment by a qualified health care professional
.  Continued care after with a qualified health care professional.
.  Participating in a vital study to improve performance for your club

Location: Vasto Place, Balcatta

For more information contact Ian Goh on 08 9240 5266 or via