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This month’s RockStar is Alanah Yukich.  A Perth based athletics star last year she made her debut on the international stage competing at the World Junior Athletics Championships in the 400m hurdles and 4x400m relay.  Alanah’s got big goals heading into the next summer season of athletics.

What’s your favourite colour RockTape and why?

My favourite colour of rock tape would have to be the electrical blue, mostly because blue is my favourite colour and half of my training clothes are blue and it is a must that my RockTape and clothing match!

What goals do you have for the upcoming season?  And for the long term?

My motto in life is to always live life to the fullest, so from this my biggest goal is to see how far I can challenge and push my body to its maximum potential – making an Australian team is just the plus that comes along with it.  But for now, my minor goal is to work towards the Commonwealth Games.

This coming season will be my first year as a senior athlete.  I have nothing to lose, but so much to gain racing and learning from the best Australian athletes.  I have a personal goal to race against my idol Lauren Wells – since this is my first season as a senior I will have the opportunity to race against someone I have always looked up too.  Lauren was one of the main influencers of my athletics journey and starting 400m hurdles.

What does your typical training week look like?

At this time of the year it is what most athletes call grinding season, it’s where we strip back everything and try to build a solid base in before we start preseason.  I train off a 10-day program this usually consists of a variety of training types.  I’ll do training ranging from speed sprint sessions, to painful lactic sessions, to technique and hurdle based sessions. Each session is tailored to my specific condition and training state.  Along with all of this I conduct 3 strength and conditioning sessions throughout the week and also a Pilates class.

I love that I have so much variety throughout my training program and I think this is one thing that keeps me interested and motivated throughout my seasons.

Who do you look up to for inspiration?  What about that person motivates you to become a better athlete or person?

One of my most motivating inspirations is my mum.  Mum is the one that has always given me endless opportunities in everything I do and encourages me to push myself to be the best person I can be!  My current inspirations in Australian is Lauren Wells – Lauren was one of the first athletes that helped me fall in love with 400m hurdles.  I remember watching a race of her and Lauren just floated through the whole race and since then it has been my goal to race her.  I also have an international role model Stina Troest.  Stina is also a 400m hurdler and her training style always encourages me to push myself and think about how you can make training fun.

Do you have some running technique tips for the average person who simply enjoys going for a run to stay fit?

When it comes to the perfect running technique I always tell people that it is a full body movement starting from the full leg extension at the back, the hip and knee drive moving through, and making sure your body is tall and pelvis tucked under.  With all this movement going on (which is a lot I know) just think about the swinging of the arms as this is where most of the momentum comes from.

I think many young Australians do Little Athletics at one stage or another, but then they often drop out.  What do you love about the sport that you’d share with young athletes deciding whether to continue or not?

For me I loved how athletics is such an individual sport, that you are the only one that can determine your outcome.  I used to play a lot of team sports and do quite well in them (for example making regional teams), but it came to a point that it wasn’t just about how good you were at a sport it also depended on other people, other team mates.  No matter how hard you train as an individual it all depended on how your other team members played on the day.  Unlike team sport athletes, in athletics you are the only one standing in your way.  You’re the only person who is stopping you from training harder, running fasting or jumping higher.  Athletics gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself, it makes you more determined, motivated and has helped me with everyday life skills.

You also do some modelling as, well right?  It’s fantastic that you are showing that it’s possible to be both beautiful and an athlete as the two haven’t historically been synonymous.  How did you get into that and where might we see you?

Modelling for me is that escape, it’s that hobby or thing that you can do that makes you forget about what else is happening in the world and that everything is okay.  I am a very creative person myself and modelling still gives me the opportunity to stay creative and show my love for fashion in another part of my life.

I think that it’s wrong that its only today that being athletic and toned is acceptable as a form of beauty.  I hope to eventually help influence women that it’s okay to do something you love and to be happy with the body image.  That being toned is healthy and beautiful!  I also want to break the cycle of thin, skinny women modelling active and fitness wear.  We have so many better role models in today’s society that are just as beautiful and also have that athlete figure.  We need to break the idea that being fit means being skinny, instead of accepting that slightly curvier or more muscular body type.

What else are you up to in your life that we might not know about?  Studying?  Travelling? Working?

At the moment, I am finishing off my diploma in event management.  I am also starting a personal trainer course mid-july so that I can learn more about the sports industry and hope to inspire and motivate other people, passing my knowledge on.  Coming up, I am also aiming to start my own blog talking about my experiences, challenges and life tips.  This will soon be launched so stay up to date with my social medias!

Where can people find out more about you or follow you online?

Instagram: @alanahyukich

Facebook page: Alanah Yukich

And soon to be launched my website and blog.