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Rocktape can be applied to reduce inflammation and bruising associated with soft tissue injury.  Following injury, once the initial RICE treatment has been administered and the risk of further bleeding has ceased, Rocktape can then be applied in a fan cut or “jelly fish”.  This technique is applied with a small amount of stretch in the tape, relying on the elasticity of the tape to lift the skin slightly as the stretched tape recoils.  This lifting effect enhances lymphatic flow and improves the circulation to the area, assisting in the clean-up of damaged tissue and promoting the healing process.  Two jelly fish tapes can be applied across each other to cover more of the injured area, and increase the lifting effect on the skin.

This technique can also be very helpful for the lymphoedema patients, with some having dramatic reductions in limb circumference overnight.  The lighter feel of the tape is much more comfortable than heavy compression garments and therefore patient compliance is excellent.