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The patellofemoral application of Rocktape is becoming increasingly popular with many athletes, from the elite to the weekend warrior. Melbourne Victory’s Goalkeeper, Michael Petkovic, wore navy blue Rocktape for many games in this season’s A-League for his knee injury. A photo in The Herald Sun on Friday the 10th of March, showed Sydney Swans’s full forward Daniel Bradshaw using the application to assist with his knee injury.

Many athletes prefer the freedom of movement that this taping provides, when compared with traditional methods of patellofemoral taping. The application of this tape is very simple and can be self administered very easily by the athlete. We recommend using the “Big Daddy”, cut into a “V”.

With the knee in 90 degrees of flexion, the tape is anchored over the lower quad, with the two 5cm tails framing the patella, crossing the tibial tuberosity, with the lateral tail utilising a significant amount of the stretch available. A 5cm decompression strip between the inferior pole of the patella and the tibial tuberosity completes the application. Stand the athlete up, and behold the “Nana knee”- you will know what we mean if you have used this method!